How to leave a review at bookmakeRReview

As the name suggests, the bookmakeRReview website accepts reviews of betting sites. No food, TVs or hotels: we work only for those who are interested in sports betting. We also want to make the information about bookmakers open, accessible and honest.

Tell us about both bad and good

Most often, a review is written after a negative experience. This is understandable, but we ask you to be unbiased: if there was something that you liked or something that kept you on bookmaker’s site, please tell us about it.

The odds are good; the choice of bets is decent. I like that you can bet even on smallest tournaments (I mostly bet on tennis). I had to wait a bit to withdraw my money, but that was bearable. However now I'm waiting for five days to get paid, and I’ve spent a lot of time chatting with the customer support. The conclusion is that the website is great for small market betting, but you need to be ready for payments being delayed. Also, the customer service is not good at all.

Objectivity is not only an indicator of a good review but it’s also a help to others.

Great bookie! Like it a lot!

We all stand for justice, don’t we?

Your review will be helpful if it’s complete.

Information is more valuable than emotions

Of course you can and should share your emotions in a review. However, using statements, that are too emotional, does not make your opinion more trustworthy. Please avoid unnecessary exclamation marks (!!!!) and do not abuse the Caps Lock. Facts and good reasoning are what people trust the most.

They lie and steal your money! They took all the money I won! SHOVE YOUR BULLSHIT BONUS UP YOUR ASS AND GIVE ME MY MONEY YOU GODDAMN FRAUDS!!!!!!!!?????????

Read your own review before submitting it. 

Is there enough information and facts in it?

I signed up just to bet on Man City – Aston Villa game. The odds for City to win were around 1.8. compared to 1.2 on other sites. However, when Man City won the game, bookie said that the odds were actually 1.1 and that there was a mistake. Is this even legal? If you accepted the bet, please give me the money that I won!

After a little fight with customer support, they offered me a "compensation". A 100 naira bonus. Well, it’s better than nothing, of course, but because of this “mistake”, I lost more money than I eventually got.

Your experience is valuable, because it may contain facts that are useful for others.

Be polite. Please

Swearing and insulting people will not make your review informative or helpful. Even the most offensive things can be replaced with something polite. Please do not use profanities in your reviews, or we will not be able to publish them.

I had no problems playing from a laptop. Recently I decided to switch to a mobile app, and it ruined everything. The app is glitchy. Sometimes it does not accept bets, but sometimes it accepts one bet multiple times. Because of this, I once wagered 5000 instead of 1000. I noticed this on time, but there was no way to cancel the bet, and I couldn’t even contact the support service. Although I am not angry, because I got lucky and won. However, I deleted this app, and I do not recommend using it to anyone.

You don’t have to swear even if you have something bad to say.

This company is a bunch of idiots who can’t even make a proper mobile app. Are you morons or what? The app is f**king garbage. Delete it

Insults or any types of discriminatory language are also prohibited.

Your reviews being trusted is very important to us. Please share your social media links in your account and attach your picture, so everybody could see that you are a real person and that your review is honest.

Do not forget about the law

bookmakeRReview operates under the law. Therefore, it only accepts reviews of betting sites that are licensed in our country (a complete list of licensed bookmakers). Please remember that unlicensed betting activity is prohibited. So is writing reviews of illegal bookmakers on our website.

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