User reviews are more helpful than ads

More than 80% of consumers under 60 read reviews on the internet
before choosing a product or a service.

of consumers under 60 read reviews on the internet before choosing a product or a service.
Spiegel Research Center
Honest user reviews are more helpful for online business promotion than advertisements.
Elon University

It is proven

That if a product or service is only available online, both the value and efficiency of user reviews increases.

Why are reviews efficient?

Opinions of other like-minded consumers are considered more trustworthy than anything a companies marketing staff may have to say.


93% of consumers aged 18 – 34 claim that reading reviews is essential when picking an online service.

MDG Advertising

84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations and advice from their friends and family.


Modern consumers usually refuse to use a service if it has no reviews whatsoever. User-written reviews are now seen as the primary source of information about online services.


Why are reviews efficient?

They represent users’ personal experiences
They are helpful in comparing services provided by different companies
They are useful in checking advertisement information

70,2% of large company executives prefer working with user reviews rather than traditional forms of advertising. Such practice has already proven its efficiency with one straightforward fact: user reviews are free.

Three main advantages of negative reviews

Negative reviews are considered a bad thing. However, user polls
and numerous scientific studies show that such reviews may be useful too.

They also lead to profit

Clients who read negative reviews bring businesses more profit as their behaviour leads to higher conversion rates.


Flaws are more trust worthy

Consumers do not look for perfect scores, simply because they do not believe them.“5-star ratings are just too good to be true” is what thousands of consumers say.
Spiegel Research Center

They are good for business

Only clients can rate a company’s work impartially. Their reviews are also the best way a company can find, and swiftly solve, any existing problems they have in their services.

Studies show that a negative review does not affect a company’s reputation if a company representative responds to it in a reasonable and polite way.


Reviews left on a company’s website increase conversion rates an average of 2.7 times. Also, experts claim that 49% of people who read company reviews gathered by an independent third-party are more likely to use services provided by that company. Consumers trust third-party reviews more.


5 reasons why user reviews at bookmakerRReview are helpful for betting companies

There are plenty of websites dedicated to reviews of betting sites.
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  • Our goal is to gather the opinions of your actual clients

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  • Each and every review helps to promote your brand
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  • A truly honest assessment of your work

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  • It’s a free service – we operate independently
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