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Good review

The odds are good; the choice of bets is decent. I like that you can bet even on smallest tournaments (I mostly bet on tennis). I had to wait a bit to withdraw my money, but that was bearable. However now I'm waiting for five days to get paid, and I’ve spent a lot of time chatting with the customer support. The conclusion is that the website is great for small market betting, but

Kamaru Usman Kamaru Usman
Bad review

Great bookie! Like it a lot!

Kamaru Usman Kamaru Usman



Brand name Accessbet
Company name TM Gaming Ltd
Founded 2016
Language English
License Licensed and regulated by the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (11.01.2018 - 10.01.2023)
Currency Nigerian Naira
Age restriction 18+
User support Live chat: yes
Phone: 0809 070 0700
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Payment systems

Deposits Withdrawals
Visa Visa
min. 100 ₦
No info available
Master Card Master Card
min. 100 ₦
No info available
Bank Transfer Bank Transfer
min. 100 ₦
min. 2 000 ₦
max. 20 000 000 ₦
Interswitch Interswitch
min. 100 ₦
No info available
min. 100 ₦
No info available
Paystack Paystack
min. 100 ₦
No info available

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