RR’s Review Publication Rules

It is important to us that reviews on this site help people learn more about bookmakers and help betting companies improve the overall quality of their services. However, it is only possible if your opinions are honest, informative and helpful. That is why we ask you to follow our rules while writing and posting reviews on this website.

  1. Bookmaker reviews only. The RR website does not accept reviews of other services and products. You can only leave reviews of legal betting sites, their work and quality of their services.
  2. English language only. Do not use non-English characters and do not abuse the Caps Lock button.
  3. Your own personal experience. Tell us only about your own betting experiences. Reviews cannot be based upon rumors or other people’s stories.
  4. Reviews only, not complaints. We focus only on collecting reviews, we do not deal with complaints, and we do not solve disputes between bettors and bookmakers.
  5. A review must match its score. Review’s content must match a score you give to a bookmaker.
  6. Information. Your review must be informative. Tell us what you did or did not like about certain bookmaker.
  7. Review length. A review cannot have less than 100 and more than 2000 characters, including space bars. Using characters, which do not add any information at all, is not allowed.
  8. Use matching images. Screenshots and photos, attached to a review, must match its content and confirm things that are written. Maximum image size – 5 Mb.
  9. Use original images. Screenshots and photos, attached to a review, must not be copied form other sites, edited or have watermarks on them.

    In your reviews you are not allowed to:

  10. Spam or advertise anything; put phone numbers, addresses, domain names or links to other sites or social media pages.
  11. Use profanities or directly insult others
  12. Spread content that is illegal in Nigeria

Users allow their reviews to be published and further moderated by the RR staff, according to the rules presented above.

Users are responsible for credibility of the information that their reviews contain.

Users can edit or delete their reviews only in the first 5 minutes since the moment they were posted on this website.

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