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A Merrybet Review

I've been betting on and off for the past 2 years now. I began sometime in 2018 on the bet9ja platform because at the time it was the most popular. I bet on soccer & esports (soccer). I used bet9ja for about 6 months but i didnt like the fact that i couldn't withdraw my winnings unless it had a balance of 5,000 so i switched to merrybet. I've been on merrybet for over a year now & i like their payout system. I can withdraw with a balance of 1000 unlike bet9ja. The payout is also quick & easy & their customer care was surprisingly responsive when i chatted them up. My most memorable moment was when i booked a ticket i wanted to play later. When the time came i tried to log into my account but i couldn't because merrybet platform was having difficulty with the uc browser i was using. I couldn't play that ticket because of this issue & it cost me my win.

I would recommend merrybet over bet9ja because of it's minimum payout balance.